Coaching with NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

These therapies offer an opportunity to discover a way forward from any difficult or painful point in life. They help explore ways forward when we wish to inspire and create new opportunities. Within three sessions most clients have re- invented a successful life plan.

Couple Counselling

Couple counselling is a type of Relationship Therapy.  It can help to explore your needs are around intimacy and sex, recapture a sense of what's important, strengthen your relationship or marriage, increase trust and find new ways to communicate. This can involve exploring conflict - whether it is finding ways to express feelings in a way that your partner can hear and respect, or finding ways to resolve conflict productively. 

Sometimes people feel unsure about the future of their relationship.  Counselling can help to explore what you want and need, whether you are compatible with your partner or have changed over the years.  If a decision is made to separate or end the relationship, counselling can support you to do this amicably, taking into account the needs of both partners and any children involved while you work through the loss and transition.  It can also help you to start a new phase of your life when you are ready. 
As in all therapy, the purpose of couple counselling is to help people enjoy their lives and relationships in a more fulfilling, enriching way, and we aim to help you achieve your personal goals. 

Talking Therapy

Life Skills Coaching offers clients support when wishing to create personal success at work and in life. Helping individuals to develop insight into their inner resources and find their unique way forward.

Conception Coaching/Fertility Advice

Conception Coaching is a simple and very effective system for learning about your body and helping you get pregnant naturally and quickly.   We teach you how to recognise your most fertile time and improve sperm efficiency.  It can reassure you that everything is working well and that there is no need to panic, as well as being a useful aid in the early diagnosis of a number of conditions which may make getting pregnant difficult.

You will receive guidance on pre-conception health and a tailor made plan for improving your fertility. Sessions are relaxed and there is plenty of time to talk and ask questions. Many couples are daunted at the thought of discussing their fertility issues in such detail but the positive and practical approach will make it much easier.

Counselling and Hypnotherapy

In Counselling, Hypnotherapy (with NLP) and Lifeskills Coaching you become more self-aware, and discover and develop your own potential to deal with problems so that they turn into opportunities for personal growth.

You learn to identify negative thinking and to transform old damaging thought patterns, such as resentment, guilt, criticism and self-hatred, into new thoughts of self-acceptance, self-approval, health and love.