Dee Armstrong BSc MA Natural Family Planning

Fertility Coordinator For The Natural Fertility Centre

Alternate Thursdays 6.50-9pm. Appointments with Dee may be available at other times also - please ask.  (Consultations by phone and skype are also available for those not in Edinburgh.)

First Fertility Appointment, 60mins, £50

Conception Coaching, 60 mins, £60, Repeat visit 30 mins, £30

Combined First Fertility + Conception Coaching, 90mins, £75

Dee has ten years’ experience as a fertility coach and in that time has helped hundreds of couples become pregnant.  She gained her fertility qualification from the University of Central Lancashire, graduating with distinction in 2006. In the same year she set up Edinburgh’s first private fertility awareness clinic, later joining with Rachael Forrest and Fiona Wolfenden to establish The Natural Fertility Centre.  She is about to qualify as an accredited Counsellor through Edinburgh University.

Dee has a wealth of knowledge about getting pregnant and all matters fertility.  She guides couples through the maze of fertility treatments and helps bridge the gap between the GP and the specialist hospital consultant.  Her strength is her supportive approach - sessions are unhurried and there is plenty of time to talk and ask questions; she leaves no stone unturned in her thorough consultations. Clients quickly gain confidence from her positive and calm style. and many of them have been able to achieve a natural pregnancy after consulting her with no need for any further intervention.