No-Hands Massage

by Rachael Forrest

A 'No-hands massage' may sound like a strange thing but many people dislike being touched by someone else's hands and our 'no-hands' therapist Kate Schaeffer works in a very skilled way by using her forearms to ensure a deep and powerful treatment.


Kate thinks that massage is not just about fixing a structural problem or relaxation - there is much more at work than that.  We all know how great a benefit we feel after a good massage and it goes beyond releasing tension and relieving pain.  We can  feel that we've been touched on a mental, emotional and, for some, a spiritual level as well.  So not only does this massage work deeply to resolve physical issues, it can effect you in more subtle ways too.

Kate is in the clinic every Tuesday afternoon so come in and give the no-hands method a try.  You'll definitely be floating home.