Natural Pregnancy Clinic

by Rachael Forrest

People know us for hosting The Natural Fertility Centre but aren't as aware of the Natural Pregnancy Clinic.  We developed this as a follow-on to the NFC as so many fertility patients returned for treatment during pregnancy.

It's not only 'morning sickness' - there are so many other conditions that can go along with pregnancy which can be helped by acupuncture, nutrition and counselling.  

pregnancy picture.jpg

Anxiety, constipation, fatigue, piles, insomnia, depression, heartburn, back pain, leg pain, swollen ankles, carpal tunnel syndrome and varicose veins, to name a few of the conditions we see in the clinic as well as treatment pre-labour (from 36 weeks for first time mums and 38 weeks for mums with kids).

For twin pregnancies, our nutritionist can help you identify your body's more specific requirements during pregnancy and for breast-feeding and the acupuncturists advise specific twin pregnancy treatments around 18 weeks.

We also offer post-natal help for general breast feeding issues, blocked milk ducts, insomnia and depression.  

It's not all about suffering though!  Pregnancy massage is a wonderful way to sort out tired shoulders, backs, and legs plus it'll give you a well-earned treat and time to relax.