Acupuncture vs pills and surgery

by Rachael Forrest

An article on ABC news today states that Acupuncture consistently out-performs pills and surgery for pain relief in trials.

Our clinic currently has 5 busy acupuncturists working Mon-Thurs until 8pm as well as Friday and Saturday mornings.  We see approximately 70 patients per week for anything ranging from fertility to sciatica with, amongst other things, arthritis, stomach issues, headaches, depression and insomnia in between.

All of our acupuncturists are BAcC (British Acupuncture Council) Members and have undergone a full 3-4 year training as well as clinic days and are comprehensively insured.

The most important thing to understand about acupuncture is that treatment is usually pain-free and is very relaxing.  All the needles we use are sterile, medical-grade stainless steel and are for single-use only.  Many people feel immediate benefits and for others it's more of a progression of improvement.