Cupping therapy gains traction!

by Rachael Forrest

Cupping therapy is one of the tools of a Chinese medicine practitioner, along with acupuncture and  Chinese herbal medicine.  Since Gwynneth Paltrow first tried it in 2004 there have been various, painful looking, pictures of celebrities with blotchy backs and shoulders and this article in the Daily Mail online is no exception

Our acupuncturists are trained in cupping therapy as part of their acupuncture course. It can be a very useful adjunct to acupuncture and people generally enjoy the experience of having it done.   Acupuncturist & Herbalist Fiona says:

I use cupping on my patients with tense upper backs & shoulders as well as those with lower back pain. It can leave marks, but not usually as obvious as those in the photos of the Daily Mail article.

We also use cupping on patients with abdominal pain and it can be very useful for Endometriosis or undiagnosed pelvic pain.