Facial Acupuncture - catching on at last

by Rachael Forrest

There have been a few articles around recently highlighting the positive effects of facial acupuncture.

This one from the Times Magazine a few months ago, this from the New York Times (with a very scary picture - ignore it, it's nothing like that!) and this from the TImes last weekend.

We have three fully trained facial acupuncturists at the Albany Street Clinic just waiting to treat you.  In our experience, the facial acupuncture gives you that intangible 'something' - the glow, the vitality - which causes people to comment.  They're never sure what you've done, just that you've done something to look younger and more healthy.

As fully trained (4 year training) and qualified acupuncturists, we never treat 'just' the face, our treatments always involve general health and well-being too.  We ask about diet, lifestyle, health matters and family history before we start any treatment, otherwise the effects are not be as long lasting.  Not only should you look better but feel much better too.

5 - 7 weekly treatments are recommended for a really 'wow' effect, with follow up treatments every one or two months.  Very tiny and hair-thin needles are used on various point on the fact and scalp to encourage circulation and stimulate collagen production.  The sessions can be intense but are relaxing and cost £50 for an hour.