Something worth Paying For

by Rachael Forrest

Local Edinburgh Taxis are currently carrying advertisements for beauty discount schemes such as Groupon, Wahanda and Woucher and it caused me to stop and think.

There are two things that arise from this.  First, the times when people believed we could get something for nothing are supposed to be over and second, there is always a cost, even if it's not us who are paying it.  I think it's time we really start to value what we have and learn to pay what things are worth.

I know the recession has been going on for a long time now and even though we're being told it's over , it's taking a long time to actually feel like it is.  Money is still tight and food & travel prices continue to rise.  We're all looking for more cost-efficient ways of getting what we want and need.

Our beauty therapist here at Albany Street works long and hard.  She is fully qualified and very experienced.  The years of training courses have cost her money as well as time and building up years of experience and expertise has taken a lot hard work.  Discount schemes, however, make it very hard for her to earn a living.  By the time she has paid the voucher scheme their cut (often more than 70%) and paid the rent on her room she is sometimes left with no more than a few pounds for an hour of her work.  This is far less than the minimum wage and she's not the only one in this situation.  I have chatted to quite a few beauty therapists recently.  None of their 'normal' prices are over-priced and are all good value for money but they are finding themselves unable to make ends meet because of the competition caused by the voucher schemes.

Because of this, our therapist Lana is going to carry on providing an excellent service and excellent prices but not at a discount.  We know that all of you who have had a great treatment from her are willing to come back and pay what the treatments are worth because you have been doing just that.  We'd appreciate it if you could spread the word to your friends and family and ask them to vote with their feet.  

Voucher schemes seemed like a great thing at the time but the real cost is a very high price to pay.