Working as a team

by Rachael Forrest

We've had a busy 6 months at Albany Street.  All our practitioners are happily seeing their regular patients but we still have plenty of room for new people who need help whether that's in terms in shoulder pain, chronic pain of any kind, injuries, relaxation, skin care, nutritional advice or emotional support. 

Just to give you an idea of the kind of cases we see I thought it would be useful to summarise a few - you may identify with one or two of them, or know friends who are suffering from similar issues.  All of these are fairly common and are a good illustration of a regular day at the clinic.

Nutrition: Matthew is slim, has diabetes and has severe acne which hasn't got better with medication.  His wife is seeing us for IVF support and it was recommended that Matthew come to get nutritional advice.  He loved his session with Jane and gained a lot from it.  He has been given very particular advice on cutting out sugars for a set period of time and then will be adding in nutritional supplements.  Not everyone needs such severe measures but his is a slightly more acute case due to his diabetes.  He will see Jane again in a month to catch up and see how he's getting on.

Massage: Maria came in with a trapped nerve in her neck which causes pins and needles in her arm and hand. She has had acupuncture and physio but has also booked in to see Jill Wright, our neck and shoulder expert.  Jill is working on loosening the tight, deep, muscles in Maria's neck with very specific techniques.  The acupuncture helps to loosen off the muscles first so that Jill can get as deep as she needs to without causing too much pain.  Maria will be having regular treatments (weekly) while her symptoms are bothering her so much and will then come less often until the case is resolved.

Acupuncture: Lorie come to acupuncture for anxiety.  She has trouble staying asleep and often wakes with her heart racing.  She gets very shaky when she drinks coffee or has dark chocolate (which also contains caffeine).  From a Chinese Medicine point of view, this is a case of an imbalance in the Heart so, amongst the acupuncturists, we have worked on strengthening her 'Heart energy' - in western terms this reduces adrenaline levels and has helped her feel much calmer.  She is greatly improved for a few days following the acupuncture session then her sleep starts to be effected again but we will review in two months and hopefully the symptoms should be completely gone.  If not, we will recommend she sees our hypnotherapist Gabriella and also see Jane for nutrition which can help balance out the body's complex chemistry.

There are many more examples of what we do here - I haven't covered cranio-sacral therapy, facial acpuncture, beauty therapy or other massage techniques - but I hope it gives you an idea of what we have to offer and how we work together as a team.  

Happy Summer!!