Feeling good about yourself is not a crime

by Rachael Forrest

We have a very busy practice here at Albany Street and a growing number of our patients are asking about facial acupuncture (or 'facial rejuvenation acupuncture').

What we've noticed though is that clients, mainly women, tend to feel they have to keep treatments secret from others or that it's their 'guilty secret'.

Facial massage is carried out before the acupuncture

Facial massage is carried out before the acupuncture

As a woman nearing her 50's I definitely feel the pull of age and the corresponding dip in mood when I notice lines that no longer disappear a few hours after waking, laughter creases that don't uncrease and a horrible vertical line on my forehead in exactly the same place that my 80 year old dad has one.  It's enough to make you cry.  And ok, it might be a first world issue but it is still an issue no matter how 'superficial' we may think it is. 

We never down-play a patient's concerns about their health and their looks.  If you think you have sagging jowls (even though we don't see it that way) then it's a real concern for you and we'll treat it as such.  No one should feel bad about finding ways to boost their confidence. As women, we're so used to being down on ourselves that we are our own worst enemies.

None of us should feel bad about wanting to look our best.  No patient yet has said they want to look 10 years younger, they just want to look good for their age.  If looking good boosts confidence then I think it's worth the time and effort to spend time achieving that - as long as our goals stay realistic.

I'm currently embracing my grey/silver hairs as part of an effort to come to terms with having lived (almost) half a century.  I know that, if I can stay healthy, happy with good skin then that makes accepting age gracefully so much easier. It's never going to be easy, but if we can help to smooth out the wrinkles along the way then all the better.

If you are looking at ways to help yourself, we heartily endorse this site by Eva Fraser, which outlines simple but effective facial exercises.  If you go to the gym you are working the muscles in your body and it helps to exercise the facial muscles too.  It's all summarised in her excellent book.