'Summer' is here

by Rachael Forrest

Suddenly it's July and we're over half way through the year!  We've had the usual influx of people with hayfever this year but those in the know have been coming since March or April to keep symptoms at bay and this has proved very effective - even for those frequent travellers to London who find their symptoms worsen when they're down south.

Our clinic is busy with many practitioners taking on more time to accommodate their lovely patients.  Sometimes reception can be a little bit squished so we're asking people politely to try and come just before your appointment time so we can avoid disturbing treatments by answering the door.  We know this might make things slightly more difficult, especially if it's pouring down, but there's a great Deli (Broughton Delicatessen) just around the corner where you could wait out the rain with a lovely warm cup of something.  Plus they do great salads.

We hope you've all enjoyed watching the football (how boring was that final game??) and Andy Murray winning Wimbledon.  We see many patients with sports tears, strains, sprains and injuries and these people really benefit from and excellent sports massage, deep tissue work or acupuncture.  We've also had a new Fitness Studio open up just opposite us Phoenix Fitness and we're hoping to work with the guys from there on keeping people fit, healthy and injury free.

On the fertility front, our DNA Fragmentation Testing is proving useful for couples where there is a diagnosis of 'unexplained infertility' or Male Factor Infertility.   We have been working with our nutritionist to increase sperm quality and have had some great results.  Do get in touch with us if you're interested in finding out more.