How to prepare for a joyful birth!

by Rachael Forrest

Guest Blog by our practitioner Tricia Murray

How are you planning for your birth?

Even though it's the most natural process in the world, planning for birth needs preparation – mental, physical and emotional as well as building knowledge about the physical act of birth.  Consider marathon runners – what would they do to prepare for a marathon? Especially if they were keen to do it in a specific time! If you’re a marathon runner – what do you do?

You might build up your strength and stamina, work on your mindset, get a support team in place, spend time preparing for all the eventualities, surround yourself in positivity, eat and drink well, look after yourself emotionally, and there would be a fair few trips to see a physio or get a massage etc.

People who run marathons work hard to complete them and prepare in every single way through researching of information, physical, mental and emotional preparation.  EVEN if they don’t complete it in the way they’d expected – they might reflect – I know I did all I could.

It’s the same with birth – except many people don’t prepare for it in that way.  Many just hope that it works out ok.  Others might choose some elements of preparation : read some books, sign up to an antenatal, yoga or hypnobirthing class;  ask their friend/mum/sister to support them;  sign up to Babycentre alerts or enlist the help of a friend or doula.  .

All these things are GREAT – but they don’t complete the preparation that many women need. Learning about birth physiology in a class will NOT on its own help you to have a better birth.  How can telling you that your baby is now the size of a cabbage helping you to prepare for your birth and your baby arriving? What about if your mum's experience of birth was awful? How will that help you?

We live in a time where we are so far removed from the primal/mammalian birth process and so geared towards medically managed birth that many women are set up to fail at physiologically normal birth.  There is a need for holistic birth preparation to get your really informed about how to have a much better birth experience – a birth that you can actually enjoy (yes we did say ENJOY).

Tricia Murray can provide you with a Joyful Birth coaching programme which may help to guide and coordinate your preparation.  The programme aims to get you in the right positive mindset to address any fears, worries and anxieties you may have and look holistically at alternative ways for you to prepare as an individual for birth.  

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