Weather Warnings

by Rachael Forrest


The old Chinese Medical texts are always going on about the weather and how it can affect a person's health.  Modern medicine does not set much store by this but we can't dispute the effects of, say, the sun in cases of sun burn or sun stroke (we don't see much of those in Scotland) which would be called "invasion of Dry Heat" in Chinese Medicine.  

Other 'invasions' come in the form of Damp and Cold which we do know a lot about in this country.  Too much Damp causes runny noses and phlegm on the lungs, ie a cough and invasion of Cold brings chills as well as things like Reynauds Syndrome and Chillblains on fingers and toes.

It hasn't got that cold here yet, thank goodness.  We're still experiencing the warm but damp climate which seems to have been hanging over us all summer.  However, the evenings are definitely more chilly, along with getting darker very suddenly and my plan to keep the heating off until October may have been premature.  Chinese Medicine would advise us to keep wrapped up in the mornings and evenings, even though the middle of the day may still be warm.  Changes in temperature can confuse our bodies and it's difficult for our blood and skin to regulate our body temperature when the weather is so changeable. We can either have too many layers on or too few, it's so hard to keep up with the variations during the day and the torrential rain showers followed by hot sun.

Try and be aware of how your body is feeling and keep and extra cardie or even a scarf/wrap handy to keep off the chilly winds when they come.  Exercise always helps to boost circulation as well so instead of waiting for New Year to get going with an exercise regime, maybe now is a better time to start.  You might not want to go out running in the cold and rain but local gyms usually have good exercise classes to suit all levels of fitness and if you're really feeling the cold then they usually have a sauna or steam room as well!

We might not be ready for Winter yet, I'm certainly not, but we can be prepared for Autumn.