Plant Power

by Rachael Forrest

All of you who come to our clinic will know we advocate a nutritionally rich diet for general health and longevity. 

A good mix of healthy fats, proteins and some carbs (depending on how active you are) is the way to go but we can consider carefully how we choose to boost our protein intake.  Animal products are seen as the quickest and easiest option because many people don't know enough about the available alternatives.

I recently came across this useful illustration for vegetable protein sources and thought it was worth sharing. Not only is cutting down on meat, especially red meat, better for our health but beef is the most significant contributor to environmental break down and the more we can do to  preserve our planet the better.  

Image from

Image from

Some people do need a little bit of meat to help with Iron levels and B vitamins and, apparently, even the Dalai Lama will eat a small amount when he feels his body requires it.  Chinese Medical theory also advises some red meat to maintain strength (ie iron levels) and people who suffer from insomnia, light periods and other symptoms of anaemia should think carefully before giving it up completely.  But we can make wise choices but boosting our plant-based protein intake and adding the occasional small quantity of well-sourced, ideally organic meat.