Time Flies

by Rachael Forrest


So much has been going on over Winter and Spring that I realise the last blog was October! Not sure how that happened but time really is flying and I don’t think that’s just me getting older. Or, I hope not, anyway. It seems to be a universal feeling.

I’m certainly not the only one to notice how fast 2019 is passing. One month more and we’re already half way through the year but, at last, the weather has improved and we can make use of this incredible Edinburgh light in the evenings. I don’t mind the early morning (5am) waking due to the light blasting around the edges of black-out blinds because the scattering of bird song makes it bearable to lie there and wait for the alarm. There is tonnes of research out there about the effects of light/dark on our sleep patterns and hormones and getting the correct amounts of darkness is important to our health.

Here at the clinic we’re seeing the usual run of ‘summer colds’ and a lot of really long term coughs that people are finding hard to shift. I don’t think the long winter helped and also the lack of frost to kill off bugs. This seems to be the order of the day now and the climate emergency is big on the agenda. We try to do everything we can at Albany Street - using recycled products and biodegradable plastics, being careful with energy expenditure and consuming as little as we can get away with so we hope we are making a difference, albeit a small one.

On a positive note, maybe if we all do enough it can still see us through to a happier time for the earth and every creature (including humans) on it. It does feel like a period of uncertainty but humans are incredibly inventive and resourceful and I’m sure we can find our way through this. In the meantime we have the lovely blossom (The Meadows were looking incredible last week), the birds singing and blue skies to enjoy as well as the practitioners at the clinic having the reward through our experience and expertise, of taking away or reducing people’s pain and illnesses. What’s not to be grateful for?