The Natural Fertility Centre has been established in Edinburgh since 2004 and in Glasgow since 2010.  In the last decade we have seen over 1000 couples who asked for our help in getting pregnant.  We support both natural conception and IVF (as well as IUI, ICSI, Egg & Sperm donation) and we are based at the Albany Street Clinic.  We regularly support same sex couples and single women.

We work as a close-knit team to ensure each couple gets the best treatment, advice and support using acupuncture, nutritional therapy, counselling/hypnotherapy, fertility advice and herbal medicine. 

Our latest statistics show an around 50% success rate over all ages for both IVF and natural conception  and we are proud that this is higher than most IVF clinics.  For the over 40's promoting natural conception through nutrition, acupuncture and conception coaching gives older couples a far greater chance than through IVF (where the chances of success fall to around 2%).

Because we have such long experience in working with fertility issues, we are well versed in all the IVF protocols, we know the the fertility consultants and are very familiar with western medical procedures such as surgery for endometriosis, cystectomies, treatment for septate uterus as well as drug management programmes such as chlomid or methotrexate. 

We also have strong links with IVF clinics in Scotland such as Spire Shawfair Park, the GCRM, ERI and Nuffield.

For further information, see our website at  For enquiries regarding treatment in Glasgow call 07895 108 473

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