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The Albany Street Clinic is located in the New Town and is home to some of Edinburgh's most established and experienced complementary health practitioners.  The clinic is known for it's warm and calm atmosphere and the effective care of the practitioners.  As well as treating a range of chronic and acute complaints, we are also the dedicated venue for The Natural Fertility Centre, the Natural Pregnancy Clinic and the Arthritis and Frozen Shoulder Clinic.  


Our clinic is host to professional, experienced and specialist massage therapists, acupuncturists, herbalists, counsellors, nutritionists and much, much more. Have a look at our Treatments page or scroll through the Therapists if you know who you're looking for.  Not only do we work as individual practitioners but we also with each other and will refer you to a colleague if it is in your best interest.  

Here at Albany Street, we know how hard it is to maintain optimal health in a busy life because we are all in the same boat.  We will work with you to gain and maintain a healthy weight, ease a sore back, relax those tight shoulders and tone muscles, release painful joints and clear your skin as well as help you along your fertility and pregnancy journey if that's what you need most.



Repeat acupuncture patients can use the button below to book online.  Once you have registered you can also move your appointments should you need to. 

February News


Check our our latest blog on dry needling and acupuncture - it's important to be able to tell the difference!

We're always looking for ways we can help our patients (and ourselves) improve our health and here's a very interesting article on the benefits of eating turmeric.  It's backed up by some good research so, if you're doing smoothies or juicing in January then try adding a teaspoonful to those. If you're not doing a big New Year detox (and we would advise general healthy eating throughout the year rather than just for one month) then try adding some turmeric to your regular soups, stews and curries.  According to the article, turmeric can protect the heart and brain, improve digestion, reduce the risk of various types of cancers, reduce inflammation and symptoms of arthritis - so what's not to like!

Here's an Interesting short video on acupuncture research.  It makes clear the different types of research, the pros and cons of each one and how acupuncture fares in the research.

Menu of the Month :

I've been into smoothies since early January, in an heroic attempt to get more veg into my diet. I can honestly say that I feel like I have much more energy and my skin is looking better already, even though I don't always succeed in getting my 5 per day.  A smoothie is an ideal way to up your intake of veg without having to cook and eat it with a meal.  Deliciously Ella comes up trumps with this rich banana and peanut butter offering which is really filling as well as containing lots of greens.  Personally, I don't like peanut butter in smoothies but I know most people do.  I prefer sticking in half and avocado, which also gives the smoothie a very creamy texture and adds a lot of good natural oils into your diet.

We're all about POSITIVE EATING here at the Albany Street Clinic.  Eating well is much more about adding in the good stuff than taking out the bad stuff (with the exception of sugar).  There is so much that can be done to improve your nutritional intake and the results are a more robust immune system, more energy, weight loss, better skin & hair, balanced hormones (that goes for men and women) and balanced blood sugar levels.  Cutting back on sugar is one of the best things you can do for your body - come in and chat to us about making it easy.



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