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The Albany Street Clinic is located in the New Town and is home to some of Edinburgh's most established and experienced complementary health practitioners.  The clinic is known for it's warm and calm atmosphere and the effective care of the practitioners.  As well as treating a range of chronic and acute complaints, we are also the dedicated venue for The Natural Fertility Centre, the Natural Pregnancy Clinic and the Arthritis and Frozen Shoulder Clinic.  


Our clinic is host to professional, experienced and specialist massage therapists, acupuncturists, herbalists, counsellors, nutritionists and much, much more. Have a look at our Treatments page or scroll through the Therapists if you know who you're looking for.  Not only do we work as individual practitioners but we also with each other and will refer you to a colleague if it is in your best interest.  

Here at Albany Street, we know how hard it is to maintain optimal health in a busy life because we are all in the same boat.  We will work with you to gain and maintain a healthy weight, relieve stress and insomnia, ease a sore back, relax those tight shoulders and tone muscles, release painful joints and clear your skin as well as help you along your fertility and pregnancy journey if that's what you need most.

Call us on 0131 6291529 to book - if we are on another call or with clients, please leave a message.  We will get back to you as quickly as we can.



Repeat acupuncture patients can use this button to book online.  Once you have registered you can also move your appointments should you need to. 

June News

Drugs, Ginger and Acupuncture are now recommended by the NHS in the treatment of 'morning sickness' during pregnancy.  Nausea in pregnancy is something we treat regularly at the clinic, with acupuncture, and it is effective when the nausea is mild to moderate and caught early enough.  Occasionally we see a patient with more severe sickness and these poor people would need daily sessions to keep their symptoms manageable so we do what we can, in combination with their GPs and Midwives.   We also suggest seeing our nutritionist before you get pregnant so that digestive issues can be addressed before all the hormonal complications of pregnancy kick-in.  Balancing blood sugars is vital during pregnancy to help combat nausea and, more seriously, gestational diabetes.

The fate of military personnel and the issue of Post Traumatic Stress has been more widely reported lately - with the Invictus Games and Gareth Malone teaching the Invictus Choir on tv.  The New Indian Express has an interesting article on how acupuncture for 'military PTSD' has been found to be effective. Acupuncture works in this context by redirecting blood flow away from the amygdala in the brain towards the prefrontal cortex, which means (in short) that the stress response is lowered and the more reasoned part of our brain is stimulated.  On a daily basis we see this transfer work on most patients, not only those with stress, anxiety or diagnosed PTSD.  Patients leave the clinic feeling more calm, relaxed and balanced than when they came in.  It's a fantastic change to observe.

TRE Introductory Workshop is now full another one will be anounced soon so, if you want to come along and shake off stress, tension and trauma, please get in touch with Pam Martin on 07932 587 422 to book.  What is TRE? - see info here

We can't say this has surprised anyone who works here at the clinic but York University have discovered a link between depression, anxiety and stress and Inflammatory Bowel Disease.  A combination of acupuncture and nutritional advice can really make a difference to symptoms.

Here's an interesting little video about what happens when you give up added sugar in your diet, something we always recommend trying.

Even though we see acupuncture working on a daily basis, every patient wants to know how it works and we are constantly learning as more research is carried out.  New research into how acupuncture works has been published it's all to do with the body's biochemistry.  Acupuncture activates cells (macrophages) which reduce inflammation and promote healing.

We usually recommend supplementing Vitamin D to our patients - it is thought that most people in Scotland have some level of vitamin D deficiency - and here is a really useful site, called 'Scots Need Vitamin D', run by an Edinburgh GP, on the implications of low vitamin D levels and the reasons Scots need more of it.

Menu of the Month :

Green Tortilla'sThis recipe from Vitalise Nutrition doesn't look too hard - even I am going to try it over the weekend so I can let you all know how it goes.  I have been reading more about the 'bad' side of crisps and even though I will continue to eat them occasionally it'll be good to have an alternative which isn't either wine or chocolate (and neither of those fulfil the 'crispy/salty' cravings).  These sound ideal to have with dips or chilli.  

We're all about POSITIVE EATING here at the Albany Street Clinic.  Eating well is much more about adding in the good stuff than taking out the bad stuff (with the exception of sugar).  There is so much that can be done to improve your nutritional intake and the results are a more robust immune system, more energy, weight loss, better skin & hair, balanced hormones (that goes for men and women) and balanced blood sugar levels.  Cutting back on sugar is one of the best things you can do for your body - come in and chat to us about making it easy.



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